NEW ORDER (booklet available)

In September 2021 I had this idea to publish my series of photos I took of this band 41 years ago, at their very early and memorable gig in Rotterdam at HAL 4.

Their 9th performance as NEW ORDER, since this band reformed after the sudden halt of their previous band JOY DIVISION.

It turned out to become a 40 page A5 sized booklet, containing all 30 of my photos plus other illustrations and a story about this gig and the history of the venue HAL 4.

All details how to order a copy, please visit joydivisionbook.com/NEWS

JOY DIVISION (book: work in progress)

Since the tragic loss of Ian Curtis, the singer of the English post-punk band

Joy Division in may 1980, the cult status of the group is catapulted enormously. Apart from the records released posthumous, there are the uncountable bootlegs, many books, a few documentaries and of course the critically acclaimed, impressive movie CONTROL by the Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn.

Quite underexposed in their story, are the few gigs they ever did on the mainland of Europe. Marc Tilli witnessed their memorable show at the Paradiso Amsterdam, a gig where he also took pictures.

These factors made him create this book about their foreign adventures that tells the story and shows many unseen and rare images.

‘Joy Division on mainland Europe 1979-1980’ 

12 memorial gigs within 3 months time

In january 1980 the English band Joy Division performed ten memorable concerts in Europe.

I attended the Paradiso show in Amsterdam.

Now, more than 30 years later the mysteries of the

Joy Division’s European tour will be unraveled.

Joy Division’s shows and their stay in Europe will be described in the (English) book that i’m composing and wich will be published in the near future.



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Strawberry Studios in Stockport 'Control Room Recreation Project'

As part of the National Heritage Open Day weekend in the UK (September 2017), over a thousand people visited  the building that housed the famous Strawberry Recording Studios from 1968 to 1993, where 10cc, Joy Division, The Smiths and hundreds of other famous artists recorded their hit records over a quarter of a century.

One of my Ian Curtis photos, was exhibited in The Control Room, during the open days in 2017 and from now on  displayed permanently in the offices of Mondiale Publishing, the company that residents in this building.

Strawberry illustration courtesy of the website strawberry50.com

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